At the end of the day, Bruce Springsteen doesn’t just sing about downtrodden day workers, star-crossed lovers and marginalized small-town in-dwellers; he sings about reconciling ideals with realities, learning to cope with what you can’t control, and the emotional blowback that is central to existing in the world as a human being.

David Ramirez - Stone

This man has been speaking the truth for years, but especially love the new single: “The one thing I know that’ll seal you in stone is what you have to say.”  

Bruce Springsteen - Don’t Change (Live INXS Cover)

I wanna be half this cool (and energized) at Age 64. Don’t change for you, don’t change a thing for me. 13 days until the Nashville show.  

Enough is enough, winter. More spring flowers, less snow showers. If you have the same mindset, feel free to take my latest for a spin.

HAERTS - Call My Name

I’m jealous of all the high school seniors with an opportunity to request this slow jam at prom now.  Please tour Nashville again soon, HAERTS.

Of course, the Dirty Guv’nahs release a perfect windows down record on this beautiful 77 degree day in TN.  Grab your copy, then get outside.

It’s a good thing our dog Bruce is living forever.  Otherwise, this new commercial may have wrecked me.  Nicely done, Chevy.  

The War On Drugs - Red Eyes

March 18th is taking too long to get here. Fairly confident “Red Eyes” has destroyed any previously held “2 Month Play Count” records.

The world needs more Bossgaze.

The Preatures - Better Than It Ever Could Be

Won’t be surprised if the Preatures’ 2014 looks like HAIM’s 2013, especially if they have more of these U2-inspired jams up their sleeve.

Anthony da Costa - YODO (You Only Die Once)

"I think I’m a fool, I know I’ve got a brain. I know I’ve got a heart, I know I’ve got a name. I think I have the plan, and yet no clue and that’s okay."

You only die once, live everyday. What a great resolution.